Everything You Need to Know About Casino Bonuses

Are you about to embark on casino bonus hunting? Are you new to the casino world? Or got a ton of experience spinning reels and placing Roulette bets but find bonus offer details and requirements rather confusing? This guide is for you.

Casino Bonuses 101

Let’s start with what a casino bonus actually is – it’s an umbrella term for offers given by online and mobile casinos, in order to get new players to sign up and/or keep existing member players on their toes in a good way. These bonuses might be small, big or really big and may prove to be excellent opportunities for member players, new and existing, to get extra playing funds and/or free or extra spins to discover new games or play their favorite ones with more funds than usual.  

Because there’s a lot of competition among online casinos, there’s no one-bonus-fits-all. Casinos have come up with a variety of offers, trying to cater to different player tastes and get as many players interested as possible. Below we’ll first explore different bonus types and the associated rules and requirements.

Welcome Bonus – this is offered only to those players who are new to a casino. It’s generally a generous “package” with multiple offers, which can be claimed over a period of time. Though rare, there are casinos that provide only a single-offer Welcome bonus instead of a series of offers.

100% Match Bonus – this type of bonus gives you a free sum of playing funds equal to your deposit. For example, if you deposit €50, the casino gives you another €50 and you have €100 to play with. Match bonuses tend to come with a cap on how much bonus playing funds you can claim. If the cap is €100 and you deposit €300, you’ll still only get €100 extra.

Percentage Bonus – same idea as the match bonus but instead of 100%, it’s another percentage. Can be 50%, 40% or even just 10%. If there’s a holiday or a casino establishment anniversary etc., a casino may go bananas and offer 150% or even 200%!

No Deposit Bonus – this is a bonus you get without making a new deposit or payment. It might be in the form of free gaming cash or free spins. It might be valid towards all games or select games. Depending on the casino, it might be offered to attract new players or to reward existing players and/or VIPs for their loyalty. No deposit bonuses tend to be on the smaller side.

Free Spins these can be a form of a no-deposit bonus. Generally speaking, however, they’re given to you after you make a new deposit. Free spins might be used towards all slot games or select titles, depending on the casino rules. What’s so nice about free spins is that they give you the opportunity to explore different slot games and find out which ones you really like.

What’s the Catch?

Let’s now take a look at the most common rules and requirements that are attached to the above bonus offers.

Games allowed – more often than not, a bonus is good for all games, especially if it’s a match or a percentage bonus. But if the offer only includes free/extra spins, then that offer is only good for slots and can’t be applied to table games or the Live Casino.

There are times a free spins bonus is not for all slots – it could be that a new slot has just been released and the casino wants you to give it a try. At other times, casinos give free or extra spins for popular slot games and/or slots that they believe are great, but you haven’t discovered yet. So, it all depends. You’ve got to read the fine print.  

Time frame – most bonuses come with a deadline. An offer may be available for a week, weekend, or a month. Perhaps it’s a holiday bonus that you must claim before the holiday is over. The other thing you need to check is how much time you have to use the bonus after it’s in your account. Most casinos are flexible about it, but still, some offers come with strict time frames.  

Wagering requirement – almost every bonus offer at every casino comes with a wagering requirement, generally around 30-40x. Wagering is the number of times you must play your bonus money before you can make a cash withdrawal. Casinos put this rule in place to make sure new players don’t sign up only to claim huge Welcome packages and then disappear a few days later. Wagering is casinos’ way of making sure new members are serious about wanting to play.

So, let’s do the math together. Let’s say you deposited €50 and received a €50 match bonus. You’ll have to wager €50 x 35 = €1,750 before you can withdraw your winnings

Upper limit/cap – this the maximum amount of bonus you can claim through an offer. If a casino is offering a 100% match bonus, you can’t deposit €1M and expect to get €1M in bonus funds (not that many of us can do this!). Every bonus offer comes with a ceiling, and it’s wise to check it especially if you’re a high roller or feeling generous that day.