How Live Casinos Revolutionized the Online Casino Experience

Long gone are the days of having to make travel plans, pack your bags, leave home, and fly to a national or international casino destination just to play your favorite casino game. Even if you were lucky enough to have a brick-and-mortar casino near your house, you’d still have to get dressed and make time to go there. With online casinos ushering in a whole new level of convenience and accessibility, all from the comfort of each player’s own home, with exciting action around the clock, it’s no wonder more and more players have given online casinos a try, changing the face of the whole industry.

This transformation began in the late 90s and gained exponential momentum in the 2000s. With technology getting more and more advanced, graphics improved, cybersecurity became more and more assured, and websites offered a much better user experience. Still, something was missing. A growing number of players yearned for real human interaction and it was only a matter of time technology would evolve to meet that demand.

It was only in the last decade that online casinos began to stream Live Casino which sky-rocketed in popularity within the shortest amount of time. Today Live Casinos are available on web, tablet, and mobile, allowing any player anywhere to enjoy many live games in the company of professional live dealers. These live dealers aren’t chatbots or AI-powered human substitutes – they are flesh-and-blood people who spin the roulette wheel or deal poker game cards before the players’ very eyes and communicate with them in real time.

The very first Live Casinos had just one dealer and one game, and more often than not, they were available for only a few hours every day. Initially, only Live Roulette and Live Blackjack were offered. But when casinos realized just how much players dig the live casino experience, they began adding new games to the roster – Baccarat, Craps, Poker, Monopoly and more – all with different live dealers, different stakes, 24/7 any day of the year including even holidays. There’s also the instant access to the live dealer if and when players have any questions or need support. All these features have set Live Casino apart, giving players the experience of a lifetime.

Fun facts about Live Casino and Live Dealers

✓ Did you know that live dealers must complete a vocational program or a special school? Through targeted courses and training, they learn about each game as well as the legal aspects involved. Some schools also teach how to entertain players and maintain a professional environment. These programs generally last around six weeks.

✓ A live dealer must be professional and presentable with a fun, extroverted personality. They must dress nicely and be fine with being in front of the screen, in front of many people all the time. So, personality is a big part of this job. It also helps if they’re tech savvy – enough to fix small things that may happen while a game is live.

✓ There’s special optical recognition software that recognizes poker cards as the live dealer shuffles and deals them. This software is used to transfer card data instantly to all the players, so they can follow the entire action in real time and play their hand.

As technology continues to evolve, online and live casino experiences will continue to be reshaped by it. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll start interacting with the 3D holograms of live dealers in our living rooms! We’ll be seeing the cards dealt in the air in front of our eyes. Farfetched? Only time can tell.