Gate 777 REWARDS

At Gate777, you earn loyalty points every single time you play – including 500 loyalty points on your very first deposit, already putting you half way there to redeem points for bonus playing money!

As you continue to play, you’ll accrue more and more points, automatically qualifying you to fly higher and higher into new Loyalty Levels.

Our Five Loyalty Levels

As you journey through our Loyalty Levels, you’ll be getting increased bonuses, superior benefits, and extra perks – more and more frequently. We look forward to welcoming to you each loyalty level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

Maintaining your Loyalty Level

They say, it's harder to stay at the top than it is to get there. Not at Gate777! To retain your Loyalty Level, here are the number of points you need to accrue each calendar month.


•  Points Required = Amount of points required to reach loyalty level
•  Maintenance Points = Amount of points required each calendar month to retain level


0 - 5000 Points Bronze
5000 - 15000 Points Silver
15000 - 35000 Points Gold
35000 - 50000 Points Diamond
50000+ Platinum

Maintenance Level of points

Bronze level No Maintenance
Silver Level 2500 points
Gold Level 8000 points
Diamond Level 12000 points
Platinum Level 15000 points.

*Per month should be required to be earned by the player to retain the loyalty level achieved.

Loyalty Terms and Conditions

1. Membership to the Loyalty Program is at the sole discretion of Gate 777. At any time Gate 777 reserves the right to either refuse or revoke the membership of any player.

2. Promotions within the Loyalty Program remains at the discretion of Gate 777 and may be denied or withheld without appeal or review.

3. All Loyalty Point totals for promotions and rewards within the Program are quoted within the LOYALTY page and can be changed at any time and sole discretion of Gate 777.

4. Gate 777 reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the Loyalty Program at any time and without prior notice. Gate 777 also reserves the right to modify the terms of this scheme and to either add or withdraw any terms and conditions.

5. Only the individual named in the account is eligible to receive the relevant rewards and benefits of the Program. There can be no transfer of any aspect between different players and accounts.

6. Any abuse of the benefits that are related to the Loyalty Program may lead to the forfeiture of any bonuses or rewards accrued as a result of the scheme.

7. All new players at Gate 777 will begin with the Bronze level.

8. 200 loyalty points are worth $1 in bonus funds.

9. Players can start redeeming their loyalty points once they have accumulated 1000 loyalty points, which is $5 bonus money credited to the bonus casino account.

10. The maximum amount of loyalty points you can redeem in one day is 10000

11. The minimum amount of loyalty points you can redeem in one day is 200

12. The maximum bet allowed while a bonus is in play is $5 Should you bet higher than this while the bonus is in play, the casino reserves the right to confiscate all winnings

Loyalty Faq

Q: Where can I see my Loyalty Points?
A: Please go to the Loyalty Redeem page to view your Loyalty points

Q: What can I do with my loyalty points?
A: To start, they will be redeemable for a bonus cash value to use within Gate 777. Other Redeem options will be added soon.

Q: What are maintenance points?
A: These are points that will be required to be earned by you to maintain your tier level. See Maintenance Level that shows the points required. If a member does not earn the required maintenance points, you will be moved back a level. Don't worry as your points are not removed, however, it is important to maintain your level and progress to the platinum level where it becomes a different world that awaits you.

Earning Your Loyalty Points

You can earn up to 2 full Loyalty points for every $10 wagered or currency equivalent. Note that different games contribute a different number of points.


Roulette 0.25
Blackjack's 0.50
Scratchcards 2.00
Slots 2.00
Video Poker and Video Poker Sidebet 1.00

Loyalty Points, Explained

It’s simple math, really. For every $10 (or currency equivalent) wagered, you will earn up to 2 full loyalty points. We say “up to” because different games contribute different numbers of points..

Ready to redeem your Loyalty Points?

Redeeming Loyalty points is simple. When you have accumulated your first 1,000 loyalty points you can start redeeming them.

Here’s how it goes. 200 Loyalty points are worth $1 So, if you have 1,000 points and you want to redeem them all, you will receive $5 (or currency equivalent) bonus playing money in your Gate777 account.

Not sure how many points you have? Go to our Loyalty Redeem page to see your points, level, and more and click the relevant button to redeem.