Double Dose of Luck – Two Jackpot Wins in the Span of Less Than a Year

Our member players did it again! We’re thrilled to share with you that yet another Gate777 player, this time based in Peru, won a progressive jackpot while playing the Wheel of Wishes slot.

Released only in February 2020, Wheel of Wishes is a 5 reel, 10 pay line slot powered by Alchemy Gaming. Although it’s considered a low-volatility, low-risk game, it offers the studio’s biggest progressive jackpot yet.

Our Peruvian player, who chooses to remain anonymous, placed a 5 PEN bet, which is equivalent to around €1.18. (For those of you who may not be familiar, the Peruvian Sol i.e. Nuevos Soles is the currency of Peru, and its currency code is PEN). After spinning the reels of Wheel of Wishes, our player landed a total win of 237,623 PEN, which is equivalent to around a fantastic €56,222.

The magic that is Progressive Jackpot Slots

Do you know why progressive Jackpot slots can be so lucrative? Briefly, the potential jackpot win of a progressive jackpot slot increases each time a player places a bet and spins the reels but does not win the Jackpot prize. Every time a bet takes place, a portion of the bet adds to the jackpot, hence the name 'progressive jackpot.'

In a progressive Jackpot slot, the bets of all players create a collective, cumulative win potential. Therefore it’s so great to play – and win – a progressive Jackpot!

What happens when a player, like our Peruvian member, lands a jackpot? Other than the fact that he takes home a bunch of cash – the jackpot value for the next player resets to a predetermined value and starts climbing again from there until another player wins the next Jackpot.

Other winners at Gate777

This isn’t neither the first nor the only a time a Gate777 member player takes home a Jackpot. In September 2019, a UK based Gate777 member player landed a €3.3million after placing a 50cent bet on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot.

We feel confident we’ll see many more big winners in the months and years to come. Note that there have also been many others who landed smaller wins – you can check the luggage carrousel at Gate777 to see who bagged how much on any given day.

On the rise & only growing bigger

Founded in 2018, we’ve expanded Gate777 into Europe, Oceania, North America and finally Latin America. It makes us super proud and truly happy when players from different countries take home big wins. We started Gate777 with good vibes and high energy, and we’d like to believe our positive outlook helps attract and create big winners at our online casino.

We expanded into Latin America only recently.

But enough about us. Want to improve your chances of winning at slot machines? Make sure to check out this post we shared a short while ago.