You have access to a VIP Lounge like no other

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s your captain speaking. Psst, this isn’t a regular announcement and it's important that you listen to my announcements, especially if you like to fly with Gate777 regularly – there’s so much you don’t want to miss out on.

In life, whether you’re flying somewhere or staying put, you’d enjoy some extra luxury, right? Regardless of where you are, it’d make you feel good, better, even the best. Well, this announcement has to do with some super cool extra perks that can transform your daily experience right away as well as what you get out of Gate777 in the long run.

If you have ever flown somewhere, or if you watch enough television, you already know about (or have been to) luxury airport lounges. The food is fresh, the coffee flows endlessly, and the service is just impeccable. People look nice and they are unaffected by the rush outside. They are in their own pleasant world, waiting to be dined and wined – metaphorically and of course sometimes literally.

At our Gate777 VIP Lounge, we host those players whose frequent flier miles are the highest. They love coming to Gate777 and checking out what we have to offer. In turn, we give them plenty of exclusive, upgraded, and customized rewards and benefits..

Wondering what the VIP journey looks like?

Upon entering our Silver VIP Lounge, you’ll be greeted with a generous VIP Silver Welcome Bonus. You’ll have 24/7 access to our Specialized Priority Support Team – whatever it is you want to ask, they’ll find the answer right away. Whatever it is you need help with, they’ll get on it instantly. You’ll receive higher bonus offers and promos as well as surprise birthday and holiday gifts.

All awesome, right? If you’re thinking you want more, I can’t blame you! Once you start, it’s just so good. To enjoy your casino journey with more comforts, we invite you to visit our Gold VIP Lounge. There, you’ll be greeted with a special, extra supersized VIP Gold Welcome Bonus. You’ll have 24/7 access to our Specialized Priority Support Team including your own dedicated account manager for personalized service whenever you need it. You’ll enjoy increased withdrawal limits and you’ll receive higher and extra exciting bonus offers and promos as well as surprise birthday and holiday gifts. What’s more, you’ll have a cash back deal on your losses with no wagering. Yep, that’s right.

If you live large like me, you know the sky is never the limit. So, let me introduce you to our Platinum VIP Lounge. Upon entering this ultimate luxury lounge, you’ll right away be offered an incredible, jaw-dropping VIP Platinum Welcome Bonus. You’ll have all the benefits of the Silver and Gold Lounges and much more. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the exclusive tournaments and bonus offers. How do I know? Well, suffice to say that as the chief Gate777 captain pilot, I have access to it! *wink*

Come meet me and many other high flyers at one of the VIP Lounges. If you’re already a VIP member at another casino and new to Gate777, let my crew know. We’ll give you access to the Lounge right away.

Hasta la VIP,
~Your captain pilot